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A little book about a small country in the heart of Europe, which came about due to the unbridled enthusiasm of amateur photographers and their great love for Slovakia. We invite you on a trip around a country of wonders, whose capital city lies just 80 kilometers from Vienna.

The author‘s books „I Will Show You Slovakia I, II“ has flown around the world and made its way onto all continents. The author has also published several books of fiction, the latest of which - „Juliet and the Other“ takes place in the unique Slovak surroundings, which she introduces in this picture book as well.

Interesting facts about the author

The author has been working in the field of tourism since 1996, she has established one of the most key travel agencies specialising in Slovakia - named Tricio Literary & Holiday Company.

She has been working as a lecturer and coach for businessmen and authors (she organises workshops about business on the internet as well as for new travel agencies and the authors of books). Together with her husband and children they enjoy going on trips around Slovakia combining their hobby with the selecting of areas and cottages that are appropriate for tourists to rent (if you are looking for appropriate holiday real estate, contact them)

In the past, she published the book “I will show you Slovakia I, II”, which literally traveled around the world and made its way onto all continents. She has published several books of fiction, the latest of which is called “Juliet and the Other One”. “My book is about female energy, female sexuality and the beauty of our country. The main character of the book accompanies the coach Sarah from Ireland around beautiful places in Slovakia. Since I have spent a lot of time in the countryside, and I organize different ’ladies’ trips and other trips, my heroines found themselves among some of the unique wonders of Slovak, where they discussed many unique topics of the female soul. If you long for getting to know our country, one option is to follow Juliet´s footsteps.“

Slovakia is a small country full of places which are energetically very attractive. While studying and inquiring about our roots I have got to know many nooks and crannies that are not that famous. It is my pleasure to introduce you to some of them in my book and if you wish, in person, too. “It does not matter how figuratively you are talking about it and how you praise it, but how you treat it. If you love it, let your actions take effect.“ Dedicated to the land of my heart and Mother Earth.

Facts about Slovakia

There are 6 areas in Slovakia listed on the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites, 18 towns with collections of landmark treasures of unique, middle-age architecture, 72 national cultural sights, 10 museums of folk architecture – open-air museums with the most typical folk buildings from the individual regions of Slovakia, 50 galleries, 72 national cultural sights and over 50 technical landmarks, 9 national parks, 14 publicly accessible caves, highly-valued thermal spas, thermal and open-air swimming pools, wellness centers, skicenters,etc.

The topography of Slovakia is formed by plains (Podunajská Plain, Záhorská Plain, Východoslovenská Plain), mountain ranges and valleys between mountains. A large part of the territory is covered by the West Carpathians (Západné Karpaty), which are made up of the Small Carpathians (Malé Karpaty), White Carpathians (Biele Karpaty), Javorníky, the Small and Big Fatra (Malá and Veľká Fatra), and the Low and High Tatras (Nízke and Vysoké Tatry) – the lowest among European mountain ranges.

In the mountain and foothill areas there are nine national parks. The largest are the Tatra National Park (Tatranský národný park 738 square km) and the Low Tatra National Park (Nízke Tatry národný park 728 square km). The Bukovské forests (Bukovské pralesy), which are in the East Carpathians and a part of the Poloniny National Park, are also listed on the List of World Heritage Sites.

Some of our mountains are of volcanic origin. The mountains and foothill areas hide over 1,200 underground caves. The longest one is more than 30 km long – the Demänovský cave system in the Low Tatra Mountains. A real rarity is Ochtinská Aragonite Cave (Ochtinská aragonitová jaskyňa), one of 3 accessible aragonite caves in the world. It’s one of the caves in the Slovenský Kras Mountains, which form a continuous, unified system with the caves of Aggtelekský Kras in Hungary. Together with the Dobšinská Ice Cave (Dobšinská ľadová jaskyňa) they are listed on the List of World Heritage Sites.

Most Slovak rivers flow into the Danube, the largest middle European river. Our lakes are mostly glacial in origin. There are over a thousand mineral and thermal water springs in Slovakia. There are seventeen areas in Slovakia offering spa facilities with unique healing effects and a history of several hundred years of use. Spas, wellness centres, water-parks, thermal and natural open-air swimming pools are among the most visited attractions in Slovakia (Aquacity Poprad, Tatralandia – thermal water water-park, thermal open-air pools in south Slovakia – Veľký Meder, Podhájska, Vadaš, etc.).

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